Boringside Heights: Consumerism Edition

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The holiday season has hit your wallet hard, and now the bills are coming in. Think you can cut down on your spending? Not with everything Morningside Heights has to offer…



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  1. Finally  

    Joe coffee dropped the ironic and hipster use of the ipads for something more efficient...

  2. yep  

    Maybe they'll drop their ironic and hipster staff in favor of something more efficient as well...

    jk (kinda). Good coffee takes time to make, but maybe not as long as it takes at Joe

  3. That tshirt  

    is really cute...I sort of want to go to book culture and buy it instead of books...

  4. THAT FONT  

    on the Brownie's menu still makes me want to cry. Ugh. WHERE MY SERIFS AT?

  5. ...  

    nussbaum killed the cheap pizza bar.

    $2.50 for two slices... and it was above par pizza for boringside too... : /

  6. Anonymous  

    i like comic sans because it just screams "FUN!"

  7. Anonymous

    so does joe's take dining now?

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