Drinking with Bwog: The Red Devil

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Every week the Columbia Bartending Agency does their best to get you crunk.  This week, Lauren Alpert does her best to get you to try something new – but don’t blame her if you end up dancing with the devil on a table at Havana’s.

Go Devils!

Kovalchuk's favorite drink

Daunted by the endless opportunities presented by a fully-stocked bar, many people opt for their regular beverage rather than experimenting with a new order. To each their own, in imbibement as in lifestyle choices; my own, however, is to strive for adventure. This week’s drink is a prime example of how a shaker set and a few additions to your liquor collection can allow you to transform a simple classic (the Screwdriver, a roughly 1:4 ratio of vodka and orange juice) into an extraordinary libation: the Red Devil. With almost two drinks worth of liquor, this one is devilishly potent, so you might want to save it for the weekend rather than for pre-gaming Senior Night, especially if you have a 9am Thursday class like me!

Red Devil

1/2 oz each of:
Southern Comfort
Sloe Gin
Triple Sec

a splash of Rose’s Lime Juice
orange juice to fill (5-6 oz; just eyeball it)

Add all ingredients to a shaker filled 2/3 with ice and shake vigorously.
Strain into a highball glass over fresh ice.
Garnish with a lime slice and take pride in your adventurousness!

Liqueur lesson of the week: Sloe Gin, confusingly, is not actually related to gin at all, but rather is a sweet red liqueur flavored with berries of the blackthorn (a.k.a. sloe) plant, a relative of the plum.

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  1. Meh

    This sounds too sweet and syrupy for my tastes.

  2. Anonymous  

    Who else is excited about the NHL all-star weekend? Come on, guys, it's going to be great.

  3. Anonymous  

    this tastes WAY too sweet

  4. Anonymous  

    NY Rangers ftw. number one in the conference. gonna kick some devil ass tuesday. and later, the stanley cup.

  5. Anonymous  

    hey hockey references!
    and Let's Go Rangers!

  6. Anonymous

    i'd drink with rene pape.

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