Googlying: The New Coning?

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After yesterday’s discovery of Brogan’s new security system, a tipster revealed that this is a spreading epidemic, as evidenced here on College Walk.  Be on the lookout for more appearances as Bwog will continue to investigate this symbol of the American Dream.  Beware: the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg are ever watchful, especially while you’re stumbling to that EC party your friend’s friend’s friend kind of mentioned.

look closely....

"The eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg are blue and gigantic..."

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  1. Anonymous  

    Columbia's very own Banksy in the making.

  2. Anonymous

    this is pretty good. more smart, irreverant, yet classy behavior befitting university student at a world class university in a world class city

  3. hey bwo (bro+bwog get it get it)  

    you ever think if the guy sending in all these photographical 'tips' is the guy who put the eyeballs there himself?

    just sayin'

    - seas guy who thinks outside the box.

    • so are you like

      also really into, like, jewish girls too?

      - CC alum who also thinks outside the box and recognizes your style of humor when she recognizes it and can guess who you are without much evidence.

    • Personally,

      I think it's Bwog staff members doing the coning and googlying, attempting to provide some sort of pseudo-cultural-sense of humor to this otherwise depressing place to be.

  4. Jay

    I'm not sure why you're dragging me into this, old sport

  5. Hogway

    Is clearly a better nickname than brogan

  6. The Hidden Shadow  

    BWOG is CENSORING the comments!!! My comment was REMOVED with NO PROVOCATION!!!!!

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