Not quite angry birds

Can't we all just get along?

Last night the POTUS took some time out of his day of slaying pirates to give the SOTU. Quick on the rebuttal were Republican candidates Rick Santorum and Gov. Buddy Roemer, who jumped on the live-tweeting bandwagon. (Reuters, Twitter)

Getting into his own debates was Columbia’s own adjunct professor Ian Bremmer, who challenged Harvard’s Associate Professor Aldo Musacchio in a defence of liberal capitalism against state capitalism.  Roar, lion, roar! (The Economist)

Yesterday’s release of Oscar nominees has spurred the inevitable lists of surprises and snubs. While Scorcese’s family film Hugo swept the nominations, Tim Burke of the Harry Potter movies’ visual effects thinks it a “shame” that the Harry Potter films have been once again “shunned.” (LA Times)

Gothamist is a little angry that Travel & Leisure has once again misrepresented their reader survey on the friendliest city in the world, making New York out as the “rudest” city in America when it is merely the least friendly of 35 options. Yeah, what the f@#% is that?? (Gothamist, Travel & Leisure)

Refreshingly free from contention is the fact that the largest solar storm since 2003 is currently hitting the earth, generating beautiful aurorae for our neighbors to the North and diverting some flight paths. (Discovery, Reuters)

The world today via Wikimedia Commons.