Imperialize me, Teddy.

In case you want to keep track of all the crazy-entrepreneurial things Columbians are doing, The Next Web reports that Neu Venture Capital has rolled out a new Visualizer which shows the connections between Columbia’s affiliated start up companies. (The Next Web)

As many major countries prepare to return to the polls this year, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has begun attacks against the U.S.’s foreign policy as part of his campaign platform. Putin claims that the U.S. does not seek allies, but “vassals.” Though he is definitely Russia’s resident badass, these attacks are a bit ironic coming from a man who chose his own successor to the Presidency. (Bloomberg)

Though humanity’s settlement of space has just begun, NASA reminds us just how awesome our home planet is in a new HD version of the famed Blue Marble image of Planet Earth. (HuffPo)

We all know Columbia is the snark-iest Ivy. Penn’s class of 15 seems to think so too, as they appropriated a joke from our homecoming shirt a few years ago. You know, those ones that said Pen 15 on the back? (FAIL Blog)

Teddy Bear Imperialism via Wikimedia Commons