No more two to a desk

Sean Zimmermann reports from last night’s ESC meeting.

SEAS Dean Pena-Mora attended last night’s ESC meeting. The Dean began by thanking ESC for their letter in support of his administration, which the council sent to the Spectator last December. Pena-Mora pledged to “continue to ensure that you [all] have the best education experience that anyone could have.”

The Dean announced that a committee on undergraduate education (the same group that revamped Gateway last year), is looking into ways to make it easier for students within SEAS to take classes outside their major for credit. In general, SEAS is considered more restrictive than the college about classes can be taken outside your major track for credit.

In response to a question about class crowding, the Dean responded that this year the school has done a better job of pairing class sizes to specific classrooms, and, as a result, the crowding issues have been partially resolved. He commented that the hardest classes to accommodate are the 4000-level classes, which include both undergraduate and graduate students. He also said the school may have to discuss breaking the graduate and undergraduate students into separate classes, though he stressed that this is just one idea, and nothing has been decided.

Logan Donovan, ESC VP Policy, announced that the transfer student acceptance date is being moved up so that decisions are mailed out before final exams at other institutions. Logan explained that, as a transfer, she was accepted after her own finals at UVA ended, so she never had an opportunity to say goodbye to her friends at her old institution. She also announced that she is trying to institute a chat system for prospective transfer students to speak to current transfer students at Columbia.

Very close children via Wikimedia Commons