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This February 1st feels an awful lot like springtime and we ain’t protesting (for once).  We hope you got to enjoy this weather today – only Punxsutawney Phil knows if it will last.

our school is so pretty

Beautiful panorama shot by Andrew Goldin

Meanwhile, you may have gotten a kind, personalized email from Columbia Housing.  In case you skipped this one, we give you a brief abstract:

Hotter than usual in winter. Can’t turn off heat or turn on AC. It will be hotter than usual inside, not just outside. Deal with it. Why did we send this email?

Open your windows, kiddos.

Unseasonably high temperatures are forecasted for our area over the next few days.  As we are in the midst of heating season, and most university buildings are not able to supply both heating and cooling simultaneously, many areas of campus may feel warmer than usual.  We appreciate your patience as we work to keep everyone on campus comfortable.

As always, you can contact our 24hr Hospitality Desk at x4-2779, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for service requests.

Columbia Housing

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  1. Anonymous

    read unreasonably? me too.

  2. Wait, wait  

    Hold on a second.



    Yep, boldface is still awesome.

  3. Beautiful my ass  

    That panorama looks like shit before you even zoom in.

  4. Anonymous  

    Please, Wiarton Willie is far superior to Punxsutawney Phil.

  5. Anonymous

    i totally want to steal the photo for my facebook cover pic.

  6. It certainly was  

    a nice day to celebrate my 21st birthday!

  7. Anonymous  

    good thing they told me, otherwise I never would have figured out that my room was too hot!

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