Bwog Personals: Your Ticket To Love

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“Ugh, Valentine’s Day: the holy day of socially-constructed schmaltz, corporate-manufactured mirth, and earlobe nibbling. Who has time for a relationship anyway?”

FALSE, everyone deserves a big spoon. And YentaBwog is here to help you find that special someone. Lovelorn single folk, we invite you to participate in our annual Personals series. Just fill out the scientifically proven questionnaire below and submit your most flattering photo to [email protected]. We’ll showcase the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes on Bwog for Planet Columbia to admire. Then, interested dates can contact us, and we’ll shell out $10 for your romantic evening.

True love starts with this survey:

  • Name, Year, School, Major
  • Preference (guy for guy, etc.)
  • Hometown
  • Your dream date in seven words or less
  • What redeems you as a human being?
  • Myers-Briggs Personality type
  • Ref room or 209
  • Guilty pleasure song
  • Late night food stop
  • Historical Hottie

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  1. i want to date the girl  

    who posted this crap on youtube the other day... 'bouncingbrittany' or whatver her youtube name is

    shit columbia students say:

  2. Anonymous  

    Stop reposting this everywhere, we know it's still you...


    is the hottest of historical hotties. What a beard. What. a. beard.

  4. Anonymous  

    bwog, thanks for giving me an excuse to watch (at least some of) the parent trap!

    • Anonymous  

      Already dating but now I kinda want to submit to Bwog just to rep my INTJ pedigree

      • fellow INTJ

        i'm all for repping INTJ, but why is it a "pedigree"?

      • Anonymous  

        I want to date you for expressing this sentiment.

      • Anonymous  

        Pardon my ignorance, but I've tried several times to understand the distinctions between INTJ and INTP, and every time I've found conflicting explanations. I've tested into a mixture of both, and paradoxically, I would self-report as an ISTP. So what *is* the difference between INTJ and INTP? *sits back and starts munching on popcorn, anticipating several contradictory answers*

        Bonus Points: What does it say about my personality that the more I read about MBTI the more skeptical I am that any of the categories besides Introverted/Extroverted reflect any real insight into human behavior?

        • Anonymous  

          It is not for your opinion, but for the tone you take in expressing that opinion that I have come to determine that you, my friend, are one asshole of a skeptic.

          Wanna fuck?

        • I think  

          J = Judging
          P = Perception

          Do you like to make judgments about what you see or not? Being J means you want to have an opinion about everything. Being P means you're more interested in understanding that different people feel differently and there isn't necessarily one right answer.

          Whenever you criticize cultural and moral relativism, you're using J. Whenever you argue that you need to be open to someone else's POV, you're using P.

          For what it's worth, I'm ENFP.

          • Anonymous  

            Hmmm, thanks, I think that may explain somewhat why I'm testing in between, because I hate forming judgements, but on the other hand, there are some things (such as moral relativism) on which I believe there is an absolute right answer.

  5. Anonymous  

    Yenta does not get matched, she is a matchmaker.

  6. curious

    now that we're all talking about love, how many of you would get engaged to a girlfriend of approx. 3-5 years right after graduation?

    i am only saying this cuz i'm 22 and a few of my friends from the class of 2010 got engaged already altho one of them broke the engagement.

  7. Anonymous  

    and a happy Anna Howard Shaw day to you too.

  8. Anonymous

    Where my ENTJ's at!

  9. Anonymous  

    ...the entirety of the Parent Trap. What if love was always like that?

  10. CC'14  

    In a relationship, but really want to do this just so I can boast my INFJness.

  11. Anonymous  

    No thanks, I like my self-esteem undestroyed by assholes on the internet.

  12. omygod

    this thread is so columbia.... barf

  13. ESFP  

    I'll bet you i'm one of, like, 5 people on this campus

  14. Funny...

    I feel sort of guilty that I'm an INTJ.

  15. Anonymous

    Any ENFPs out there?

  16. Anonymous  

    ISTJ anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  17. eye en tea jay  

    INTJ. I seem to have a compsci curse (an ex-semi-serious relationship and 2 men I'm seeing now all majored in compsci). Shit's cray.

  18. Anonymous  

    ENFP...Music major!

  19. Anonymous  


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