Mysteries: The Staircase That Wasn’t

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As you’ve probably noticed, a main staircase in Lerner has been broken since last week, making the irritating trek from the ground floor to the package center a nauseating ramp-circling odyssey. We thought that the stairs might only be closed for a day or two, but now that the repairs are stretching into their second week, we’re forced to ponder the deeper implications of this bizarre facilities maintenance. What’s the deal, Columbia? Is it just about to collapse?

No stairs for you.


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  1. Anonymous  

    you know, there is an elevator in lerner...

  2. ...  

    the blocked stairs would be a lot more fun had they not laid off donkey kong back in '09...

  3. Anonymous  

    Yo, those stairs are broken

  4. Anonymous

    Why is this the first "Sometimes Columbia is Hogwarts" post I see? We need more, I say!

  5. mitch hedberg  

    stairs temporarily not stairs

    sorry for the actual inconvenience

  6. Ohh

    i could stare at this for the longest time

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