ESC: A Visit From Another Dean

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Apparently, 3/2 is also a band from Belarus that wears butterfly costumes

Sean Zimmermann reports from last night’s ESC meeting.

Dean Rinere of the Student Advising Center spoke to the council, addressing concerns students had brought up about their advisers being switched. Rinere explained that when students enter SEAS, they are assigned an advisor based on their declared “likely” major. If a student proceeds to declare a different major in their second year, then their advisor may change. However, Dean Rinere said students can request advisor changes for any reason (including the option to remain with their previous advisor) by contacting her directly.

Logan Donovan reported that the reason 3-2 students cannot be RAs is that they are not guaranteed housing; therefore, they would be taking available housing from those students already guaranteed housing. This was a source of confusion for many 3-2 students, yet quickly resolved.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Wow Bwog... Way to miss some of the most important aspects of the meeting.

    1) Asking the Dean to release the average GPAs for CC and SEAS
    2) The new election rules for the public Eboard elections this year

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