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Potentially bad news, Columbia: Room Selection is closer than you think. In fact, registration opens March 1st. Chances are you’ve already dirtied your hands at choosing friends. Since things are really coming down to the wire, we’re here with two new developments which might help you out: the fates of the frat brownstones and Open Housing. Cliffnotes right below, full statements after the jump.

  • The beds in the brownstones will be chosen during Room Selections, with the doubles during Suite Selection and the the Singles during General Selection. Some rooms, mostly doubles, will be set aside for transfers.
  • Open Housing will be extended to all dorms except for the LLC and Furnald.

According to Joyce Jackson, Executive Director of Housing,

All of the Brownstones that are in Room Selection will be selected as Double Rooms and Single Rooms. Groups of 2 will be able to select the Double Rooms during Suite Selection and the Single Rooms will go into General Selection. We have also decided that some of the rooms in the Brownstones will be held out to accommodate new Transfer students, but that will be primarily doubles.

According to Katherine Cutler, Director of Communications and Special Projects,

This afternoon the Open Housing Task force formally recommended to Deans Shollenberger, Pena-Mora, and Valentini that the Open Housing option for room selection be expanded to all upper class living options (not including Furnald and Hartley-Wallach.) The decision was made after careful review of the pilot program, which was put into place to test the feasibility and success of a housing policy that enables students to live with a comfortable roommate of their choosing. This option will be made available to all upper class students in the upcoming lottery.

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  1. ...  

    A "comfortable" roommate?

  2. Anonymous  

    Can someone explain how the housing process actually works?

    • Anonymous  

      This is an impossible task.

    • depends  

      if you're a soph, get a few friends (multiples of 2) and go into suite selection, with the ultimate goal of picking doubles on a hallway

      if you're a jr, fuck. if you're a senior, also fuck.

      What i mean is, sophomore year you know you'll get screwed. jrs and srs get nice suites dangled before their eyes, only to not get them

  3. CC '12  

    I've waited four years to not give a solitary fuck about housing. The time has come =)

  4. Wait  

    Furnald isn't even going to be part of upperclassmen housing next year, right? Can we get confirmation on this?

  5. CC '15  

    Soooo, what makes McBain so awful?

  6. Nitpicky  

    Date for registration (March 1st) is for last year. "New in 2012" page says Feb 29th for this year.

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