Personals: Aida and Caroline, CC ’13

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Hop on the love train with Bwog Personals. You may notice we haven’t included last names in this installment. Well, you don’t have to be googlable to find love! Any of these ladies strike your fancy? Tell us at [email protected], and we’ll provide $10 for your date. And FYI for those who aren’t so hip with the kids: TIC means That is COOP, and TIT means That Is Theta. 

Name, Year, School, Major: Aida, CC ’13, AmStud/SusDev

Preference: A ho 4 a bro

Hometown: Chi-City

Your dream date in seven words or less: Free range, grass fed, all natural, bougie

What redeems you as a human being? I moved from New Hampshire to New York City and discovered nature.  TIC.

Myers-Briggs Personality type: BAMF

Ref room or 209: Um, Kent.

Guilty pleasure song: Torn between Juvenile’s Back That Ass Up and T.Swift’s Love Story

Late night food stop: Three cheese grilled cheese made at home, with sautéed portobello mushrooms and thyme.

Historical Hottie: Kim Jung Il


Name, Year, School, Major: Wiki, SEAS ’13, Chemical Engineering

Preference: ChemE 4 Econ/Philosophy

Hometown: Plimouth Plantation

Your dream date in seven words or less: Gin, maybe tonic.

What redeems you as a human being? I never take off my pearls.

Myers-Briggs Personality type: PIMP

Ref room or 209: 209

Guilty pleasure song: DotA by Basshunter (shout out to my homeland)

Late night food stop: I don’t waste calories on food. TIT.

Historical Hottie: F. Scott

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  1. Anonymous  

    Are they twins? They should date each other they're both hilarious!

  2. Anonymous

    I had a crush on caroline since last year. too bad i graduated.

  3. Anonymous  

    wait, where's caroline's?

  4. they are both  

    trying waaay too hard

  5. If only I was into girls!  

    "Gin, maybe tonic." and " I don’t waste calories on food. TIC." would make us soul mates

  6. Anonymous

    too bad both of them are so disappointing in person

  7. Anonymous  

    "ChemE 4 Econ/Philosophy"

    completely agreed. econ/philosophy/[math] guys are the best...cerebral, yet practical... thoughtful, yet bro-y...

    just as long as they want to get Econ PhDs instead of MBAs and want to go into academic economics and not some private wealth management shit...

  8. heterosexual female in a relationship  

    I would totally date Aida

  9. Anonymous  

    Caroline = dream girl.

  10. Anonymous  

    What does TIT mean?

  11. Anonymous  

    These are not the girls you're looking for

  12. Anonymous  

    WIKI you are amazing

  13. Anonymous  

    I can't choose? Those goggles! That watermelon!

    Think they'd be down for a threesome? TIT? TIC? And then can I have $20 for our date, for a bottle of all-natural, bougie gin?

  14. W U T  

    Mad inside jokes up in hurr. Not feeling the lulz.

  15. in love with wiki  

    wiki - you are my soul mate (obviously bc i am your big....). LOVE OUR LINEAGE <3 <3 <3 and love you, little. seriously obsessed.

  16. Anonymous

    i'm waiting a couple years so that i propose to aida. anyone who can appreciate grass, dictators, and backin that ass up is the type of girl you marry.

  17. hey baby  

    i wanna know if you'll be my girl

  18. cc '11  

    pretty sure i plowed the chick on the left

  19. Anonymous  

    Boob or breast

  20. Gin, maybe tonic.  


  21. glocks  

    (Un)related: open challenge to anyone in DotA...

  22. Anonymous  

    I heard aida is actually a man...just saying

  23. Anonymous  

    I hope that these girls get a date with CU guys and live to tell the tale. Most of the guys on campus are assholes (either secretly or not-so-secretly). The ones left over are boring. The exceptions have girlfriends already.

    Fuck valentines day on this campus.

  24. masshole

    *Plimoth. unless you mean straight up Plymouth.

  25. Bah.

    If you're going to be totally irreverant, I'm not really going to know whether or not I like you. If you couple that with pictures where I can barely see your face? Good luck, my dears!

  26. Anonymous  

    i can't tell if caroline is cute or not. maybe if there was a better picture...

  27. no wonder.  

    as far as appealing pics go - fail. next time try bathing suit over parka and goggles; also, burying your face in food and horn rims is universally unattractive. decent profiles tho.

  28. Anonymous  

    Econ/Poli-sci. Friends back home used to call me Wiki, coincidentally.

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