Valentine’s Day: The Aftermath

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Love poems can pack a punch. As one girl exclaimed yesterday after receiving one from her boyfriend of two weeks, “I don’t know whether to be creeped out or marry him!”

Whether Valentine’s Day had you creeped out, enamored or downright depressed, Quarto wants to hear about it. Tomorrow night, the literary magazine will host an Open Mic for prose, poetry, monologues—or really anything you want to share with them about your (possibly abortive) love life. Come to read, or just to listen—Bwog hears there will be some classy literary snacks. The Open Mic runs from 8-10 pm in 413 Dodge, Thursday February 16th.

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  1. Jk  

    Who is the beautiful and elegant Indian girl in Pink? I think I have seen her around, didn't realize she was this pretty....
    Good job

  2. Creative Writing Major


  3. You want a chick?  

    I'm guessing the "elegant Indian girl in Pink" will be in 413 Dodge from 8-10pm this Thursday. Good luck bro.

  4. Anonymous  

    Dang...i hve a class tomorrow so cannot greet her. Probably, next time when I see her around I would just go and compliment her. She must try modeling.

  5. Anonymous  

    So much awkward nuzzling.

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