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Update, 6:10 pm: A tipster passed on some photographic proof of Oprah’s visit.

Update, 1:36 pm: According to a tipster, Oprah is officially off campus. She was last seen driving away in a black Suburban in front of Barnard Hall.

The day we’ve all been waiting for has come. Oprah Winfrey is currently speaking on the third floor of Barnard Hall to a group of sixty selected Barnard students in search for their thoughts about what young female students feel about the status of women today. With all the excitement over one of America’s most important women presence on campus, female Columbia College students pose the question: Can they be strong, beautiful women, too?

Beautiful No Matter What They Say

Strong, Beautiful Women via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    highlight of my day: watching oprah get mobbed by shrieking barnard girls. (from the math library)

  2. Anonymous  

    Columbia College women are strong and beautiful, too!

  3. Why the fuck  

    wasn't I invited?

    - CC '12 trying to live his best life

  4. I NEVER thought I'd say  

    that I wish I went to Barnard...

    low point?

  5. BC '15  

    Plenty of esteemed and/or otherwise famous people speak at Columbia College as opposed to Barnard and nobody even questions it--we recognize that CC women are just as strong and beautiful as any of us, but please just let us BC ladies bask in Oprah's glory for a moment without making this a competition, k?

  6. Stanley Cavell  


  7. Ha!  

    Oprah came to Barnard. We get to use your libraries, take your classes , dine in your halls, be leaders on your clubs. Suck it. And CONTINUE to me tight about it. And tomorrow...we'll still be runnin' shit.

    U mad?

    U y no stop us? (Oh yeah, you're administration gets something out of this partnership too

  8. Anon  

    Is it just me or are the like and dislikes effectively a poll of the readership of Bwog.


    To all the Barnard students thinking they are doing any good by "defending" their school here, and to all the Columbia students who think they are being cool, hilarious, renegade badasses by attacking Barnard students


  10. CC 12  

    I love Oprah, but not as much as I love my Barnard friends!

    Like most people on this campus, I judge people by their character, not what college they are in.

    Barnard jokes are for underclassmen, grow the fuck up.

  11. Oprah  

    Guys, it's not about who goes to what school, or who can spell what word, or who is somebody else's cum dumpster. It's about all of us sticking together as one human race. Also, it's about you tuning into the OWN network.

  12. JOHN


  13. Anonymous  


  14. Anonymous  

    What did she give out to the audience?

  15. Anon  

    pretty sure oprah wasn't out there from 6:36pm to 1:36pm. fix it bitch.

  16. Anonymous  

    just because I go to Barnard doesn't mean I have to upvote every Barnard poster...esp. the dumb ones. Come on. Why can't we all just hold hands and be happy?

  17. Anonymous  

    It's not like Barnard said this is only for Barnard Students. When Chomsky spoke last semester anyone could attend because the venue was large and he was invited to speak. Oprah invited herself. She wanted to speak with Gloria Steinem (who attended a women's college) and women who have reaped tremendous benefits from her activism. Oprah chose Barnard. Oprah's production team chose the venue and that limited the number of student to sixty.

    Secondly, cut the crap, without institutions like Barnard College all across, the country proving that women are just as capable, and without activists like Gloria Steinem women would not be allowed to attend CC or SEAS in first place. I am so glad Columbia finally got it together and went co-ed AND I am so happy to be a Barnard student. It doesn't have to be mutually exclusive.

  18. CC '12

    you should all get over yourself and read prezbla's article in the spec yesterday about how good things occur on both sides of broadway- http://www.columbiaspectator.com/2012/02/15/symbiotic-relationship

  19. Anonymous  

    she looks hungry

  20. A UNH student

    I thought these two colleges were supposed to be classy institutions.

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