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This morning presents another opportunity to see a leading figure in world affairs. You might not exactly understand what it is that this person does, and you might not pay a whole lot of attention to what they’re saying, but you can definitely tell your parents that you actually can’t talk right now because you’re about to go hear an address by the Attorney General of the United States, and spend the rest of the evening feeling a hell of a lot less provincial than the average unwashed collegiate.

Or maybe you really care what the chief lawyer of the US government has to say! Either way, if you want in, you must be in front of a computer by 9:57 this morning and start hitting that Register button as fast as you can. Eric H. Holder, Jr., the Attorney General of the United States will be speaking in Low this Thursday at 6:00 p.m., on the topic of the efforts to combat financial fraud by the Department of Justice. Those with superior fine motor skills can try their luck for an invitation here.

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  1. CC'14  

    It's 10:15, and it's still not letting me register.

  2. I GOT DIS  


    - CC '12

  3. wow  

    I was on that refresh thang for like 26 minutes ugh but thanks for the tip; worked! (chrome incognito mode good for something other than pr0n)

  4. Anonymous

    You did not mention that Eric Holder is a graduate of Columbia College, and Columbia Law School.

  5. Anonymous  

    In case there was any doubt, it's waitlisted now.

  6. Anonymous  

    It was messed up for me too, I got a ticket at like 10:02 by switching browsers.

  7. charlie  

    Why do you always post things like this about 20 minutes before it happens? I don't check Bwog every 20 minutes, and I doubt most people do, so it might help more if you posted this kind of thing the night beforehand.

  8. Anonymous  

    I like to think that Holder and Obama joke about the Core whenever they're together.

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