Learn From Housing History, Be Doomed to Repeat It Anyway

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Housing Registration is only 5 days away! You’ve been sending us questions and we’ve been answering them, but we all know you can never have too much information about Housing. To that end, you’ll notice we have re-added our handy Housing Links widget over there on the right sidebar of the page. Depending on where you click, you can find our dorm reviews, housing news, liveblogs, and a few other useful tidbits.

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  1. Concerned '15  

    I keep reading that if two rising sophomores go into Suite Selection as a group of 2 and get an amazing lottery number, that they then should "try their luck" at getting singles in General Selection. From reading the cut-off histories for singles, it looks like the only ones left for rising sophomores are the few in Furnald. Are there any other dorms that could have available singles other than Furnald, or is it better to not "try my luck" ?

    • Conor  (Bwog Staff)

      Depends on your number! The only place for a rising sophomore to get a single is Furnald, and last year's cutoff was 10/170. Could be higher or lower this year, but the number of rooms set aside for sophomores won't change.

      If you get like low 100s or better, and would rather have two singles than some of the really huge doubles in Furnald, try your luck, understanding that if things go really awry, you could end up in separate blind shaft doubles.

  2. Rising Junior  

    If I'm entering a two person suite, hopefully in Watt or Woodbridge, and my roomie is thinking of going abroad in the Spring, what's the likelihood that they'll sic me with some rando? Is there a chance of a dingle? I've heard anecdotal evidence of both happening.

  3. Anonymous  

    Likelihood that a rising junior in general selection gets stuck in Wien with no other choices?

  4. '15  

    Any point/advantage for rising sophomores to go into suite selection as a group of 4, 6, or 8? Is that how we would try to get doubles near each other?

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