1. nicki minaj  

    stupid hoe.

  2. lots a bitches got homework  

    i wonder how many boyfriends will accuse their overworked girlfriends of cheating on them tonight..........

    • Back of the Envelope Calculation

      Let's see.

      1. Browse every course given at Columbia and narrow search to courses that assigned hw over the weekend.
      2. Search for girls in relationships.
      3. Narrow search to hoes in relationships (You should get around 3 or 4 girls ).
      4. Find complementary significant others.
      5. measure penis lengths.
      6. guy with smallest penis is the one that is being cheated on.

  3. Anonymous  

    wow i hate women

  4. Anonymous  

    The caption over the picture when you scroll over is SUCH a throwback. love it!

  5. I mean,  

    she's probably joking. Right?

  6. overheard at barnard  

    "yeah, it's like finishing before you orgasm"

  7. CC

    People in relationships, stop cheating on your boyfriends and girlfriends. It's not cool. It's actually really uncool.

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