Bacchanal Announces 90s Throwback Theme

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If you’re looking for an excuse to hold on to some of your old Beanie Babies, you’re in luck—this year’s Bacchanal theme will be Baccha90s, according to Bacchanal VP Kay Sorin. We’re not sure where this will fall on the spectrum between Oasis and Spice Girls, so in preparation we’ll be cycling every Now! CD we have through our Walkmen from now until Saturday, April 14th to cover all bases.

Join us as we start arbitrarily start here:

Also: this year, Bacchanal is holding a contest for this year’s tee-shirt design. By 8 pm on March 5th, you can email PDF submissions to [email protected], subject line “Bacchanal t-shirt design.”

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  1. Anonymous  

    The 90s are so 00s

  2. can't  

    decide if i'm worried or excited about this.

  3. YESSSSS  

    Can we have Christina Aguilera please oh please oh please

    /Aaron Carter/BRITNEY SPEARS/Backstreet Boys/'N Sync...

    ...I miss my childhood

  4. Tom Haverford  

    FINALLY, Ginuwine is coming to campus.

  5. HANSON  

    can't wait to mmbop on the steps of low

  6. brah  


    Usher'd be chill, too, though.

  7. Anonymous  

    This is code for "decade old has-been groups are really cheap."

  8. Anonymous  

    yo did you guys get the prodigy? is that what this means, fuck yeh

  9. electronica is my favorite genre  

    the prodigy // the orb // underworld on low steps holy shit you guys fucked up if you didn't get them

  10. Anonymous  

    If they get Noel Gallagher I will be ecstatic.

  11. Make some Noise  

    for the BEASTIE BOYS!!

  12. Anonymous  

    i'd be pretty pumped for the classic rock bands---pearl jam, REM, DMB.

  13. CC'13

    what's the date this year??

  14. i can't believe  

    that we're old enough to start reminiscing.....



  16. Anonymous  

    Step 1. Book Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds and Liam Gallagher's Beady Eye.
    Step 2. Coax them onto the stage at the same time.
    Step 3. ???
    Step 4. Profit.


    What the FUCK

    This was supposed to be the year of Waka Flacchanal

  18. Also...  

    Shouldn't they be calling this "90's Throwbacchanal"

    Come Bacchanal, get your shit together.

  19. CC '13  

    i hope it's The Cure or Eminem

  20. True  

    I'm personally involved in Bachanal, and I can say with utmost certainty that we have booked DMX.

  21. Anonymous  

    i vote nine inch nails!!!

  22. Anonymous  

    Dandy Warhols would be amazing.
    Sadly, we will probably get another shitty bro-rapper. or sugar ray. can't decide what's worse

  23. Anonymous  


    the theme never has anything to do with the acts booked. calm down.

  24. ._.  

    get will smith to rap the fresh prince intro on repeat.
    I'd be happy.

  25. La Macarena!?  

    But seriously, if I can't sing my heart out to the chorus of more than 1 song, then it's not worth it.

  26. Double Whammy:  

    Maya and Blackstreet Performing the Rugrats "Take Me There"

  27. YAASS...  

    Here for this.

  28. technically

    puppy cops were born in the 90s, fingers crossed!

  29. Anonymous

    If the Bacchanal t-shirt isn't tie dyed so as to accurately rep the 90s I WILL CUT A BITCH.

  30. Anonymous  

    I can't down vote everything about the 90s enough

  31. Alum

    mfw everything you babies remember about the 90s is just late 90s/early 00s http://i.imgur.com/xnhGz.jpg

  32. ActuallyRemembersThe90s

    Pop music from 1999 hardly counts as '90s music. How about one of the really good '90s rock bands like Smashing Pumpkins, or Silverchair, or Garbage?

    • Anonymous

      Umm, if you think that Silverchair was a "really good '90s rock band" then we have bigger problems to deal with…I am appalled that you'd even mention them in the same sentence as The Smashing Pumpkins. How well do you "actually remember the 90s"?

  33. Anonymous  

    ugh, I guess I'll make sure to be off-campus again this year

  34. cc '14  


  35. Anonymous  

    the theme is just an excuse to get someone irrelevant and not book Lil B. The Based God was too busy skating the streets of Waterfront Berkeley to be making music in da 90s.

  36. nostalgia  

    S club 7, Backstreet boys (one/some of them?), N*sync, Britney, and Christina
    (Destiny's Child? we could never afford Beyonce but maybe one of the other ones)
    ohhh my childhood

  37. holy shit


    he's not in jail anymore so it could work

  38. Anonymous

    can you guys bring lisa hannigan here?

  39. CC 2014  

    A Tribe Called Quest?

  40. Anonymous  

    NELLY let's learn us some country grammar!

  41. ...  

    pavement? built to spill? the eels? the orb? orbital? modest mouse? 764-hero? jeff beck? sonic youth? aphex twin? thievery corporation? people under the stairs? guided by voices? the promise ring? the shins? up, bustle, and out? future sound of london? massive attack?

    please not some horrible pop... mainstream music in the '90s was fuckin horrible.

  42. aye  

    An Outkast Tribe called De La Quest.

    2 of those 3 shouldn't be too hard to get.


    PLEASE get the backstreet boys!!! I would be the happiest person ever!!

  44. Anonymous

    yes TRIBE! (reunite again? :) and holy shit, if outkast came I would literally shit my pants

  45. Anonymous

    FRED DURST. ha.

  46. But really though  

    When are they announcing this

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