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In response to recent buzz spreading around The Hive at a speed that can only be attributed to highly-caloric breakfast foods and finals, Bwog can confirm Dean Hinkson’s plans to move Midnight Breakfast from the night before finals begin to the first night of Reading Period.

Dean Hinkson’s office released the following statement to Bwog:

Being mindful of student preferences and other campus activities during that busy period, we are meeting with student leaders to determine the best date for Midnight Breakfast.  As soon as we have a date set, an announcement will be made.

A trustworthy tipster confirms that despite this statement, the new date, is, in fact, pretty set following a meeting with members of McAC. Midnight Breakfast traditionally coincides with Orgo Night, and whether it’s this date in particular or nostalgia for Midnight in Paris, not everybody seems too pleased about the switch. SGA had the following to say:

As SGA, we represent the entire student body—their praises and concerns. Since McAC is an SGA-recognized organization, and Midnight Breakfast is one of Barnard’s most cherished traditions, we are committed to communicating any student feedback we receive about this change to the administration.

On a personal note, Midnight Breakfast is probably the most beloved and well know tradition at Barnard and is solely for the benefit of the student body so I will work with the student body to ensure that their voices on this issue, as with any issue, are heard and taken into consideration.

Students primary concern appears not to be the date switch itself, but the manner in which this plan was executed and presented to the student body. Such concerns are interesting given Hinkson’s visit to Rep Council this Monday, and her professed distaste for the frequency and manner in which students have come to use the word “transparency.” Then again, Midnight Breakfast may not be everyone’s cup of bland coffee and orange juice.

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  1. Orgophiliac CC student  

    Great! Now I'll have the chance to finally see what Midnight Breakfast is all about!

  2. Anonymous  

    Can we do something about actual Hewitt breakfast? They literally do not start serving until 12:30 on the weekends.

  3. Anonymous  

    The Hive is no more! They took down the odd yellow structure the other day. Some investigative journalism, Bwog?! Tell me what's going on!

  4. Surprise  

    Dean Hinkson, yet again, makes a decision behind our backs. Will it ever end?

  5. Anonymous

    Email [email protected] if you're pissed about it- they're the only ones who can fix it

  6. excited cc student  

    First disappointed. Then realise this means I get to go to midnight breakfast drunk. Score.

    • BC '12  

      I've ONLY gone to midnight breakfast crossfaded. The combination of what seems like a billion girls cheering for you, an endless supply of breakfast food, and loud 90s music blasting makes for a FANTASTIC drunk/blazed experience.
      You won't regret it.

    • Anonymous

      Midnight Breakfast stoned is the most glorious/terrifying experience to be had at this school

  7. Anonymous  

    Dean Hinkson is the reason why I'm transferring next semester. When I get rich Barnard won't get one single dime from me because of that woman.

  8. Anonymous

    I don't get it- we are in college- we live away from home, we are old enough to have jobs be in the army get married live in our own homes etc...
    Why does dean Hinkson think she needs to enforce our bedtimes?!? Not to mention, how many collee student actually go to sleep before midnight???? Especially during reading week??

  9. BC'13  

    Is this REALLY what you all are getting mad about? Why is it crucial for Midnight Breakfast to be on the night before finals? I never go because I'm too stressed, or I do go and I can't enjoy it because I am stressed. Moving it earlier will make my bacon-eating all the more pleasurable.

    This is one of the first times Hinkson has shown that she actually thinks about the student body as more than a bunch of checkbooks. Give her some damn credit and stop freaking out about small shit.

  10. Anonymous  

    It's not going to moved. The McAC exec board sent out an email confirming that the date will not be changed, despite Dean Hinkson's "suggestions."

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