The life of a second-semester senior is usually pretty relaxed—we’re nearing the time of year when you realize that you’ve wrapped up your major requirements and now are pursuing a concentration in 1020. But alas, these hazy, lazy days will soon come to an end, and there’s no better wake up call than an alarming email from the straight-outta-the-nineties-named Student Affairs Graduation Zone with the all-caps title “ARE YOU PLANNING TO GRADUATE THIS MAY? If so read this!” Yep, they realize that after seven semesters here you only read about 4% of your emails anymore. But there is useful information to be had here, and in order to prevent you from having that awkward conversation with your folks about how you forgot to actually “Apply for the Degree” and can’t leave, we’ve pasted the email below. Hey, it may be useful, and then you can get back to your daydrinking.

GradZone February Edition

GradZone is the central, online source for graduation-related details for you and your family. You will find details about ceremonies and events, as well as information on ordering your cap and gown, the bookstore Grad Fair, and much more.

Are you planning to Graduate?
Make sure you Apply for the Degree ASAP! Applying for the Degree ensures that your family will receive invitations to Class Day, you will be able to pick up your Commencement tickets, and your name will appear in the Class Day program. After you have completed this very important step please follow the rest of the list to make the most of your last semester. Read more


We need your updated information!
With graduation invitations, announcements and other information soon to be mailed, make sure your information is up to date in SSOL! Read more

What’s the difference between Class Day and Commencement anyway?
Want to know at which ceremony you get to walk across the stage? Trying to explain the difference between Class Day and Commencement to your family? Here’s the info you need. Read more

Senior Portraits and Yearbook
Did you miss out on Senior Portraits in the fall? Now is the time to make sure your picture appears in the Columbian yearbook. Senior Portraits will take place February 13th – 17th in the East Ramp Lounge. Read more

Nominate your classmates for Awards
At the end of each academic year, Student Affairs recognizes students with awards for leadership, cocurricular accomplishments, and noteworthy contributions to the Columbia community. Nominate Now Read more