This version: not cool

Not only can Jeremy Lin rule the world, occupy half our posts, and inspire dozens of memes, he can also teach us how to have better sex. (The Daily Beast)

Perhaps the Kardashians’ quotes are so…memorable for a reason: they’re pioneering social linguistic change. Turns out that creaky frog-sound of female reality stars everywhere actually has a name. (NYT)

Sometimes your food fantasies are more than just food fantasies. (Gothamist)

Cindy Sherman teaches you how to hide in plain sight in her long-anticipated MoMA retrospective, which opened this past Sunday. (Capital)

It’s that magical midterm time, which is probably reminding you of all those participation points you have yet to accumulate. Here’s a handy guide on how to raise your hand as trendily as possible when the time comes. (NYT)

Untrendiness via Wikimedia