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Bwoglines: Fallout Edition

Crouching under desk

Nuclear war? That was easy!

Do you recall that NYPD monitoring of Muslim student groups at area universities was kind of a big deal? It still is, and your peers are quoted attesting to that! (Associated Press)

You can expect some much-needed additional fallout from the New York Post’s attempt to report on the situation in the form of an offensive cartoon. (Gothamist)

And you can get better fries just about anywhere.” Perennial Columbus Avenue (among other places) favorite Shake Shack is licked by the acidic tongue of the Times food critic, and doesn’t fare (pun intended) too badly! (NY Times)

Why the academy does not consist of Netflix reviewers. Though some of these might in fact be more eloquent than what we’re used to at the Oscars. (Gawker)

The trial for the BP gulf oil spill begins tomorrow. Remember that? (CNN)

Effective anti-Soviet countermeasures via Flickr Creative Commons


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