Old car

"I hope you didn't forget the snacks."

Rome: Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York was appointed a Catholic Cardinal this weekend. Red hats abound. (NYT)

Montauk: Gawker profiles one of the most creative and implausible con artists in recent memory, the so-called “Montauk Grifter.” Users of OkCupid: you’ve been warned. (Gawker)

China: The people who make your iPad can’t afford your iPad. (CNN)

Penn Station: Of all the places to hold the Westminster Dog Show… (Gothamist)

New Haven, Philadelphia, Buffalo: The NYPD reportedly kept tabs on Muslim student groups at universities all over the northeast. Apparently they were active a bit closer to home as well. (Associated Press, Columbia Spectator)

Road trippin’ via Wikimedia Commons.