Escape with ESC

Sean Zimmermann reports from last night’s ESC meeting.

The council voted to yesterday to extend the campaigning period until the end of voting. Previously, students running for student government were not allowed to campaign after the start of voting. However, regulating personal Facebook messages and other social media became burdensome for the council. Some council members expressed concern that students could walk around with a laptop and approach students in classes, asking them “just enter your name and press enter.”

ESC members met with Dean Pena-Mora today to campaign for showing the average SEAS GPA to both students and employers. VP Policy Logan Donovan reported that they are investigating ways to make the information useful to students, so people can see where they stand amongst their peers (perhaps giving a percentile within the school and within their major), as well as providing more information employers. Professor Yannis Tsividis, who serves on the Undergraduate Education Committee and attended the meeting, said he would take their suggestions back to his committee.

The four student councils are looking to secure a permit from the city to hold a street fair from 113th to 115th street. VP Student Life Sheila Misheni reported the fair would take the place of “backyard barbecue.” When asked why they weren’t holding it on the lawns, President Nate Levick commented, “it’s easier to get a permit from the city than to hold it on the lawn.”

The council will be holding a free dinner event, Escape with ESC, for students from 7 to 8 pm next Monday in Lerner’s Satow Room. VP Communications Jim Huang said the event was a way for the council to show their appreciation for their student body, and to allow students to meet members of the council before the beginning of the new open elections.

Complimentary cruise via ESC and Wikimedia