The Mighty Jungle

Glass House Rocks 2012

Tonight is Glass House Rocks: the one day a year that Lerner lives up to its design.  This wild event comes together on the efforts of SGA, CCSC, ESC, and GSSC and promises to be a rollicking night of fun and joy.  This year’s theme is The Mighty Jungle and will feature performances and food from many of Columbia’s greatest clubs.  This year’s GHR did not come without some scandal, in true Columbia form: the Lerner Pub was initially titled a non-PC name by an international student without realizing the bad connotations.  Class councils have since issued an apology and renamed it “Jungle Boogie.”  The highlight is that Roone Arledge will transform from that place you had your first LitHum lecture into A GIANT ROLLER RINK.  Free skates and “no protection necessary” according to event makers.  Bwog is very excited to bust out our skating moves.  Glass House Rocks is from 9 pm to midnight tonight.