Update, 10:56 pm: Domo Taco updated their Facebook page with the message, “Closing early due to some unfriendly carts…sorry! Cya tomorrow!” Halal bests Domo in the first round!

Update 6:58 pm: Word is that the owner of Domo Taco Truck is a cousin of a Columbia student. The nepotistic war rages on, with furthering alliance tensions. Who will the people choose?

Well, yellow, in this case. The arrival of the Domo Taco Truck on 114th and Broadway provided some much-needed variety from the permanent halal carts parked on the street. The newcomer’s popularity, however, did not sit well with the elders of 114th; street meat war was declared. Below is a snapshot of the first offensive, initiated by the home team against the visitors. The side counter of Domo Taco was cleverly blocked by the halal cart, effectively boxing out customers. Observe the expression of maniacal glee on guy on the far left.

You have won the battle halal cart....