Bwog presents two more eligible bachelors. Interested parties should contact, and we’ll send you love birds off with $10 for your date.

Name, Year, School, Major: Simon Gregory Jerome, 2013, CC, MESAAS

Preference: Guy for guy

Hometown: Waldorf, Maryland

Dream Date in 7 words or less: Anything out of this DAMN cold.

What redeems you as a human being: I’m a lightweight, so I’m recession-friendly.

Myers-Briggs Personality Type: ENTJ

Ref room or 209: … I don’t study.

Guilty Pleasure song: Dirty Talk, Wynter Gordon

Late night food stop: Westside Deli for Egg Salad Sandwich

Historical Hottie: John Howard Vam Amringe


Name, Year, School, Major: Eric, GS ’14 (Econ/Philosophy)

Preference: Guy for a gal

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Dream date in 7 words or less? No homework, french fries, rock and roll.

What redeems you as a human being? I can cook a mean risotto and sew my own buttons. Self-sufficiency is pretty spectacular.

Myers-Briggs Personality Type: ENTJ? I’m all over the place, but I always tended to do poorly on tests…

Ref Room or 209? Both. I like to party, what can I say?

Guilty Pleasure Song: Bikini Kill – Liar. Yeah, it’s that bad.

Late Night Food Stop: Garden of Eden. Half off salad bar? More hummus than I can possibly consume? How about hell yes?

Historical Hottie: Hepburn. Her hotness needs no explanation, save this one.