If Il Cibreo is the “New Campo,” then who, you ask, is the new Campo Mike? We touched base with Scott Chilvers, General Manager of Campo 2 Il Cibreo. He’s been “with the company” for almost six years and in the industry for over 20. He hails from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. From what we gather, he’s down to party but he probably won’t be dancing on the bar. (Scott, feel free to prove us wrong on that one.)

Bwog: What major changes have happened with the transition to Il Cibreo?

Scott: It’s the same ownership, same sous-chef, but I’d say it’s a little more family-oriented. We’re doing a lot more with Columbia, a lot more parties; we’re trying to donate as much as possible. We’ve been trying to put ads in fliers and whatnot when groups are doing shows.

As you may know, Columbia students affectionately refer to your restaurant as “the new Campo” — we remember it as the popular going-out spot of our early college days. Is it true that “Campo is back”?

It’s not as much the late-night crowd. Late night parties were getting out of control. We’re doing them now, but more subdued, tasteful. We’re doing karaoke on Wednesdays now, and a lot of private parties as well — weddings, bridals showers, christenings. We’re not packing 400 people in the door anymore. We want it to be a fun environment but a safe environment.

What kind of events can we look forward to?

A lot of the groups we’re collaborating with are from the Columbia community. We have a carnival on February 24 – a Brazilian dance party.

Anything else?

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner, and so is Valentine’s Day.

…Don’t remind us.