OverCCEn: Fight Wild Boar For Free

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If you’re still looking for a way to make yourself useful this summer, check out LionShare for hands-on opportunities clearly relating to your academic pursuits that totally won’t require extra explanation in future interviews:

"Applicants must be competent and confident in a wild environment"—does Campo count?

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  1. Anonymous

    I now understand why it's called LIONshare.

  2. This is exactly like the time  

    that the CUCR invited Ahmadinejad to campus, does anyone else remember that?

  3. CC'14

    This is no worse than fending off the freshman desperate to latch onto my sophomore housing group.

  4. Anonymous

    Somehow this job will involved Excel spreadsheets and a cubicle. It has to.

    • CC-Alum

      7:33PM and doing exactly that right now... Man, corporate world can be wild as well. Vicious 5foot tall managers and then the poisonous co workers just waiting for their chance... even the ocasional Sara Jessica Parker... i mean horse comes by.

  5. max-age  

    "don't worry, he is 79, we should be ok"

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