Bacchanal T-Shirt Contest!

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This is the basic idea, but with something on it

Remember how Bacchanal is 90s themed this year? The good people at Baccha90s want to put you and your cherished childhoods to work designing the event’s official T-shirt! So if you have an idea, send it their way. The contest ends tomorrow (as in, “Don’t Stop Thinking About…“) (yes, it came out in ’77, but it’s a 90s anthem) at 8 pm, so get to work.

The deadline has been extended to Wednesday, March 7 at 6 pm! You have all the time in the world!

To enter, e-mail your submission in PDF format¬†to [email protected] by the deadline with the subject line “Bacchanal t-shirt design.” Eternal glory is yours for the taking!

Aetiology of the T-shirt via Wikimedia Commons



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  1. Anonymous

    Awww Bwog! Thank you for giving me something else to procrastinate with <3 You're always there for me!

  2. Anonymous

    Let's get some Lisa Frank shiz goin! Or bedazzle it?

  3. LBR  

    When do we find out who's performing?

  4. make it a

    power rangers shirt

  5. CC'13  

    is the date april 14th for sure?

  6. Anonymous  

    why can't we have Lance Bass on the cover and call it a day?

  7. but seriously  

    baccha90s is such a terrible name

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