Caption Contest: Worlds Collide

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For your midterm procrastination pleasure, we present the latest in artistic stylings, where the magical and the mundane collide. You know the drill: make us laugh, make us cry, make us forget about that eight page essay we haven’t started outlining yet. Last round’s contest provided some interesting results, with perhaps the most…unique being the very aptly named¬†I don’t have a contribution‘s “kitties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” At least they were honest.

A word of advice: don’t go with the phallic route. The phallic route is obvious. We’ve already made our own jokes about it. Be original!

Louise McCune for Bwog

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  1. CC'14  

    "Condiments, thou shalt make John Jay food edible"

  2. Anonymous  

    hahaha penis

  3. Futurama  

    Suuure, blame the wizard!

  4. ie  

    Wow, a really big wiener with white sauce and ketchup... It sort of reminds me of myself, since every time I ejaculate I produce bloody semen. However, my penis is quite small.

  5. Anonymous  

    Elves and Weiners,

    Starring Will Ferrel and Neal Patrick Harris.

  6. Anonymous  

    "This one looks like my son. But how did THAT happen??"

  7. Anonymous

    I can't wait to lick the pink between your lips.

  8. The Cloaked Shadow

    -I am a wizard and I must choose between the hotdog and the ketchup and the Mustard.
    -This is a hard choice, unlike the choice between reading the Spec and not reading it!

  9. Anonymous  

    Game of Thrones Season 7

  10. Anonymous  

    Rejected McDonanlds mascots

  11. Anonymous  

    Tom never suspected that Dungeons & Dragons night on Carmen 2 was going to be a LITERAL sausage fest...

  12. Yes that guy

    "Yo dawg I can't let you in the club"

    "C'mon girls let's just go back to my place"

  13. One of the tags should be  

    "thinking outside the bwox"

  14. 3o  

    "YOU SHALL NOT PASS... me the ketchup, I have a tomato allergy."

  15. yea  

    i killed dumbledore
    ...damn, thats cold dawg.

  16. Edmund Burke Society Sucks

    That shit Grey and Heinz-- okay. What she order, Sev'rus Snape?

  17. Anonymous  

    Wizard PrezBo: YOU SHALL NOT FIGHT (it's understandable).
    Ketchup: BUT, Mustard is only an affiliate of Hot Dog, not a condiment institution like me.

  18. Anonymous

    We answer to a higher authority

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