Coffee Contest: Semifinals, Part 2

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Welcome back to the first Bwog coffee showdown. After weeks of schedule coordinating and coffee fetching, the end is in sight. As the victors from Round 2 face off, the speculation abounds as to whether our underdog the breakfast cart will continue its surprise winning streak. With some of the most philosophical reactions yet, here’s how it went down. 

The Result: Although both cups impressed the battle-weary judges, Joe’s lost much of its flavor and smoothness upon cooling, leaving an overly sweet and sharp impression. The breakfast cart, however, remained strong to the end, and won the tasters’ favor with its hidden depths yet straightforward attitude.

Next Time: The final round: 118th breakfast cart vs. Oren’s. With so many unexpected revelations thus far, it’s impossible to say which way the wind will blow. A well-known old-timer vs. a renegade rebel—stay tuned for the final and definitive answer.

Cup #1: (Breakfast Cart)

“does have a nice dark, earthy, nutty undertone;”  “good cup of coffee;”  “smell is a little sharper”

“stronger, not as sweet, not as sophisticated;” “something appeals to me;” “bit of a rougher experience, but a little more to be gained;”  “I would be proud to drink this”

“there’s secrets in the cup;”  “strong vibrato on the palate;” “really hits you on all levels”

“barren… but in a nice way;” “like sitting in a lawn chair, on a bunch of rocks, but all you can see is more rocks”

“inviting smell…you know there’s more… like a strip tease;” “coarser”

Cup #2: (Joe’s)

“Nice and dark;” “very caramelly;” “reminds me of a sweet potato;”  “flavor isn’t terribly complex;”  “good, thick dark thing;” “wakes you up in the morning”

“tastes like caramel candy;”  “reminds me of the top part of a creme brulee”

“smells really good, like a truffle;” “i can see the caramel…” “this is really good;” “it has a specific flavor;”

“fulfills all the requirements for a good cup of coffee, so it can go on and do more”


1—Breakfast Cart



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  1. Anonymous  

    I DECLARE SCANDAL. How much did the breakfast cart vendor pay you guys?

  2. this  

    is when i stop taking bwog seriously

  3. Anonymous  

    Isn't the breakfast cart actually on 117th?

  4. Anonymous jaw is on the floor... no, bwog, no.

  5. Nah, man  

    Joe's is overrated and overpriced - breakfast cart better win the whole contest, f'reals.

  6. Anonymous  

    To clarify, what I'm asking is where the breakfast cart is. I've never seen one at 118th.

  7. Anonymous  

    Can anyone tell me what time the breakfast cart closes/departs?

  8. Anonymous  

    Do these people have taste buds?

  9. Anonymous  

    There's no mention about what they add into the coffee. Chances are the breakfast cart added tons of milk and sugar thus appealing to a more mass audience.

  10. yay!

    Are you talking about the 120th breakfast cart? I love that guy. Seriously SOOO nice and efficient.

  11. boom  

    breakfast cart is on a roll!

  12. Anonymous

    The coffee at the breakfast cart on 120th never ceases to impress me. Plus, it's quick, cheap, and convenient. I don't know how anyone could beat it.

  13. ...  

    the breakfast cart probably serves folgers or sysco bulk instant coffee out of a warmer that hasn't been cleaned in 12 years.

    not that that's a bad thing, per se, but you know it's probably true.

  14. best taster ever  

    “barren… but in a nice way;” “like sitting in a lawn chair, on a bunch of rocks, but all you can see is more rocks”

  15. Anonymous  

    Hey Bwog, if you're going to say that over-extracted, badly brewed arabica coffee tastes better than the coffee from my favorite coffee shop on the planet, could you at least refer to said coffee shop by it's actual name? It's Joe, not Joe's. Thanks :)

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