The Indignation! The Controversy!

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In attendance at the CUCR Town Hall, where all the juicy details surrounding the biggest secondbiggest outrage to hit  Columbia in a fortnight are being dished out right now—are four participants, including two press people. The free Pepsi and Lays won’t consume themselves, Columbia!

Man, remember when we got all worked up about this?

UPDATE from our reporter at the scene, 8:37 pm: “A couple (tipsy?) Dems showed up. Barnard-Obama came up. For no apparent reason, it was momentarily unpleasant and confusing.”

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  1. CUCR learned Press tactics  

    Holding a meeting on a weds night during midterms is like releasing damaging info at 5pm on a friday before a holiday weekend. brilliant. PS: DAVID BOWLES! yay

  2. CC'14  

    no 1 curr about Republicans at Columbia?

  3. Anonymous  

    Is a gentleman and a scholar, coolly consuming that beverage.

  4. Anonymous

    I want full and unedited audio recordings posted.

  5. Anonymous  

    david bowles.

  6. Anonymous

    We need an obarnard part 4. who's with me?

  7. Anonymous  

    The real President matters much more than any president of the Columbia University College Republicans.

  8. Anonymous  


    Of course the Dems would pregame the Republican's town hall! (Who wouldn't?!)

  9. Anonymous  

    $20 says nashoba's under that sportcoat in the corner

  10. ...  

    the balloons are a nice touch

  11. Anonymous  

    I want Boothe!!! <3 <3

  12. Hooray!  

    CUCR held their meeting and got their obligatory last-wind Bwog blurb, a final spurt of attention before receding once more into obscurity. Exactly the dying whimper we were all hoping for.

  13. Conspiracy Theorist

    Does anyone else think that CUCR was behind the whole Obamanard comment debacle in order to take the heat off of them?

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