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Bwog was shocked to learn the world continually turns as we sleep in until 1 pm and subsequently spend the day watching Netflix. Because the news won’t take a break, we’re taking a break from being on break to break some news—cue a recovery nap. 

We will neither confirm nor deny that we've left our (respective) bed(s) in the past few days.

Donald Keene, a prominent scholar of Japanese literature and culture and former Columbia professor, attained Japanese citizenship on Friday after planning to attain it after the Great East Japanese Earthquake in 2008. (Yomiuri)

Is Obamanard simmering down or picking up heat? Last Wednesday, a Barnard graduate wrote a letter to The New York Times in support of Barnard, describing those against Obama’s plan to speak as having “flunked the seminar in issue management.” Meanwhile,CNN picked up the controversy on Saturday. (NYT, CNN)

A graduate of Columbia’s 3-2 engineering program, John Shick was gunned down by policemen last Thursday afternoon after he engaged in a hospital shooting, killing one medical worker and wounding six others in a psychiatric clinic at the Western Psychiatric Institute on the University of Pittsburgh campus. Prior to the shooting, Shick served as a teaching assistant and Biology grad student at Duquesne university, where he was fired for harassing female employees. It is still unknown what sort of connection he had with the psychiatric center. (USA Today)

Either Homer, Robert Fitzgerald, or your professor is wrong—columnist Nicholas D. Kristof is taking a trip to Greece to locate the exact spot Odysseus landed after returning to Ithaca in the Odyssey. (NYT)

The CC class day speaker will not be live tweeting what goes on in PrezBo’s commencement tent. John R. MacArthur, publisher of Harper’s Magazine and the chosen one who will be delivering the commencement speech to the CC class of 2012, revealed his strong hatred of the internet. Rumor has it he went bitter after he couldn’t figure out Netscape. (Providence Journal)

A Goldman Sachs Executive Director has not only resigned due to his conviction that the company no longer has the needs of their clients in mind, but has published an Op-Ed in the New York Times recounting his disapproval of the company as a greedy institution. (NYT)

After 244 years of publishing a hardcover collection, the Encyclopedia Britannica has discontinued its print edition. Supposedly the publisher behind the books of reference realized he could use his iPhone to prove to his buddy wrong about Talking Heads trivia as opposed to opening up volume XXIV.53.A. (Media Decoder)

Invitation to play footsie with us via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Bad Analogy Guy

    On Paying the Bills

    "The LSAT is like Free Bird
    It requires a lot of practice
    If you nail it, you’re a rock star
    +11 avg. practice test score
    Blueprint LSAT Prep"

    This is too much even for me.

  2. wow

    wow Encyclopedia Britannica, you just lost about 1000 points in my book. Conform to society, whether it's good or not. Way to go.
    Where is the value of a hardcover book nowadays. It might seems trivial but honestly this is the sad truth about the advancement of technology. And don't give me the excuse of saving trees.

  3. The Internet Doesn't Lie  

    Obamanard has brought the long-brewing Barnard/Columbia tensions to the surface. Our impassioned pleas and gripes against a parasitic partnership have been avowed.

    Do not be mistaken Barnard - We will lie to you face-to-face and disregard Bwog comments as hogwash. Yet, in reality we deeply resent your false identity and will no longer passively tolerate the indignation. We intend to reclaim what is rightfully ours.

    As your future employers, Barnard, recognize it is your jobs (and husbands, lets be real) that are at stake. Barnard stands to lose much more than Columbia does by not complying and severing the umbilical cord, siphoning away Columbia's resources.

    Barnard students claim to be teeming with Barnard pride - well, it's high time Barnard shows it.

    As such, we Columbians - in the name of equality, justice and merit - declare complete and utter independence from Barnard College on Friday, the 16th of March, 2012.

    If Barnard does not peacefully disaffiliate and confer separate degrees unto its student body, we strong, beautiful Columbias will crush you.

    - Signed,
    the Knickbocker Revolutionaries

  4. CC grammar nerd / asshole  

    "As a Barnard student in the late 1950s, when women were still being encouraged to earn their Mrs. degree, Barnard was at the forefront of telling women that they could accomplish anything they aspired to, including both career and family."

    I'm happy for Barnard, really, but... UGH.

  5. Anonymous  

    While I respect some of John R. MacArthur's sentiments that he expressed rather eloquently in his Delacorte lecture, the whole comes off as a long "get off my fucking lawn" rant by someone who believes in the past and therefore can never be persuaded to think—after all, he is "still offended by the whole Internet pretension of universality, freedom, and democracy".

    All Mr. MacArthur really needed to say was "I can only make some suggestions. Such as don't write for free. This is becoming nearly impossible, but you should really think about it". Unfortunately, he's not going to change much by talking to CC seniors—the people who really need to hear that are CC freshmen and anyone who even considers "employing" interns without paying them.

  6. ...  

    it's a good thing he hates the internet cos if he could read the bwog comments about him he'd probably cancel. actually, it would be an utterly epic troll if someone printed them off and mailed them to his house 10 days before commencement...

    but i digress, i think he's the perfect speaker for columbia college. it really doesn't get much more columbia college than "look at me... i am so butthurt... nobody actually cares about my intellectual masturbations and what i thought were subsidies for my works of brilliance pretty much just turned out to be subsidies for the distribution network that was inseparably attached and now that the internet has replaced most distribution networks i have been relegated to the margins of society... screw the internet i'm moving to france where they have hipster newspapers with no ads and no webpage..."

  7. Hey Asshole

    When was the last time you personally bought an Encyclopedia?

    "Shame on you company, for discontinuing a product I no longer purchase. It's the principle of the thing!"

    God, I hate you.

    • oh really?

      I have 7 volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica in my house.....don't even go there my friend. And you can't hate me if you don't know me.

      • "And you can’t hate me if you don’t know "

        "And you can’t hate me if you don’t know me."

        ...Are you new to the internet or something?

        And you having ZOMG seven whole encyclopedias in no way validates any aspect of your argument OR need/market for this industry that frankly, just no longer isn't there.

        You're the 1998 "but you guys, I still love my beeper" market. Are you that much of a navel gazer that you can't see past the top, dusty shelf of your dad's study?

        God, I hate you even more.

      • Anonymous

        I have the entire set. And my parents' bought it. I doubt that you bought 7 volumes, unless it was at a used book store.

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