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CC, GS, and Barnard have until 5 pm today to Pass/D/Fail classes.  This fantastic tool allows you to be less pressured in that one awful class and definitely helps your GPA.  Plus, if you end up doing well you can just choose to unveil your grade at the end of the semester.  Win-win (win)!

Today is also the last day for SEAS to drop classes.  Maybe orgo just wasn’t the right choice this year!

Do yourself a favor and free up some time.  You’ll be able to work on your personal life, follow non-academic pursuits, and maybe even discover a hidden talent…

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  1. Actually...  

    You cannot unveil a grade if you're a Barnard student pdfing a course.

  2. constipated SEAS student  

    your orgo reference doesn't make sense because most SEAS students don't take orgo. Get your facts straight, Bwog. Really.

  3. SSOL  

    Still says that the class is for a grade rather than P/D/F. How long does it take for it to update?

  4. but let's face it

    heath ledger and julia stiles babies might be kinda weird lookin

  5. Anonymous  

    can you still do this if you missed the deadline or are they strict?

    • hmmm

      I'm quite sure that after the deadline, you can no longer do such things via a trip to the registrar. Henceforth will need the signed approval of your advising dean, which means that you will have to go to the advising center and probably fill out a form explaining why you didn't get to the registrar on time.

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