Housing Reviews 2012: EC Highrise

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Location: 70 Morningside Dr.

  • Nearby dorms: Wien. That’s literally it.
  • Stores and restaurants: HamDel, Appletree Market, SubsConscious, Kitchenette (!) No banks or large grocery stores, but there is a Citibank ATM on the 4th floor of SIPA.


  • AC/Heating: Yes and yes.
  • Kitchen/Lounge: Yes and Yes. Also a hall lounge. Kitchens are very nice and have a dishwasher, but strangely lack a microwave. Not a huge amount of cabinet space for food and pots/pans for five people who all like to cook, but it’s not impossible for everybody to use it frequently.
  • Computers/Printers: Labs with a printer on the 10th and 18th floors.
  • Bathrooms: One (for five people), with a shower, bathtub, two sinks, and a toilet in a stall.
  • Gym: EC also has two floors with gyms. The term “gym” should be used lightly. There are several cardio machines on each floor, and usually about 80 percent of them are functioning. This is great in the winter though. No weights or anything like that.
  • Intra-transportation: Two elevators that are actually pretty fast and efficient.
  • Wi-Fi: Yessir.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Renovated suites have all-hardwood floors and a linoleum kitchen floor. Other suites have carpeted rooms, and the hallway and lounge is carpeted.
  • Laundry: A ton of machines (“high-efficiency”) in the basement where there is never a long wait.

Room Variety:

  • Most suites are 5-person with one double and three singles.
  • There is 1 coveted 6-person and 1 5-person suite on each floor that has all singles.
  • The sixth floor of EC has all doubles at 200 sq. ft. each.


  • You need at least one senior in your group to snag a highrise 5-person. There’s just no way around it; your point value needs to be higher than 20.
  • The all-single suites in the highrise go to 30-point groups, and are a little more popular than their Hogan counterparts, perhaps due to location.
  • 6th floor doubles go to sophomores that don’t want to get shafted in McBain.

Bwog Recommendation:

  • The double in the former exclusion suites sucks, but if you’re living with friends you’ve known for a few years, it’ll suck less. Think about the view.
  • If you’re a senior and didn’t get your first-choice suite, look to the 5-persons in EC during Senior Regroup; they’re hot commodities then.
  • If your lotto number is so bad that you’re considering a 6th floor double, just pick whatever room is the biggest on your day. If that’s a 6th floor double, so be it.

Resident Opinions:

  • “Not as much annoying/gross drunk destruction as other ‘party’ dorms like McBain or Ruggles, since it’s mostly upperclassmen. Not a lot of hall vomit/mysterious elevator puddles/tearing down and spreading around of bulletin decorations. Though definitely still some vomit/mysterious elevator puddles.”
  • “Better vending machine than most dorms. In addition to the usual suspects, EC has an ice cream vending machine! This is only exciting for the first few drunken nights you stumble home, but exciting nonetheless.”
  • “The wind tunnel between the lobby and the elevators is terrible in the winter. It seriously must feel the same as dying. I think it’s actually colder/windier in there at night than outside.”
  • “Very good laundry room in basements with lots of high-functioning machines.”
  • “Proximate to like… Nothing. If you’re a rising sophomore and lucky enough to be in a group that scores a high rise suite, expect to see your same age friends never. Especially applies in wintertime.”
  • “Appletree market is pretty limited, so you’ll have to trek far for groceries.”
  • “Really hard to get delivery from anywhere besides Crack Del because people who aren’t intimately familiar with our campus won’t be able to find the EC entrance. Ever. And they’ll call you and yell at you when this happens, every time. You’ll sometimes have to go meet them on 115th between Amsterdam and Morningside.”


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  1. EC senior  

    there is wi-fi, and delivery really isn't an issue!

  2. ?  

    what about the EC highrise two person flats???

  3. And  

    the 2 person flats??

  4. Anonymous  

    Is there a kitchen on the 6th floor where the doubles are? Why are those doubles so bad?

  5. 6th floor  

    there is no kitchen on the sixth floor and none of the rooms have kitchens. the doubles suck because they are tiny, the large ones on the other side are reserved for guests and transfers. all doubles have their own bathroom though, which is nice.

  6. Anonymous  

    Could Bwog do a review on the University Apartment Housing? That would be much appreciated

  7. What

    Dorm is best for weed?

  8. Anonymous  

    6 person all-singles high rise or townhouse? townhouse, right?

  9. i disagree  

    most delivery people know how to get to EC

  10. what do you call it

    if you drink whiskey in a skyscraper?

    high ryes!

  11. curious individual  

    What are the guest/transfer rooms like? The only thing one can tell from the floor plans is that they are large (~300 sq. ft.).

  12. Thanks Bwog  

    I hope that a review of the townhouses is next! It's what I've been waiting for all this time!

    • well  

      you can just click on "EC Townhouses" on the sidebar under "Housing 2011 Dorm Reviews" if you really can't wait. Considering that the last few 2012 dorm reviews are the same ones from last year, just re-posted, there's a good chance that whatever gets posted this year for EC townhouses (and the rest of the dorms for that matter) will be the same ones from last year.

  13. Anonymous

    anybody know which floors on EC have been most recently renovated?

  14. Anonymous  

    "The all-single suites in the highrise go to 30-point groups, and are a little more popular than their Hogan counterparts, perhaps DUE TO LOCATION."
    Due to location? That makes no sense, EC is far from everything.

  15. Anonymous  

    So what's the better option current seniors? 5 person all single in EC highrise or 5 person all single in Hogan? My friends and I are debating it. I really don't like Appletree as the only nearby food store.

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