Your Date with Destiny!

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She was surprised by her time, too

It’s what you’ve been waiting for… suite selection appointment times are up! Log on to StarRez, select your 2012-2013 application, and react accordingly. Not that this will tell you much, but it’s a nice way to remind yourself how much you do or do not have to look forward to next year. You can’t lose if you don’t play the game!

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  1. Anonymous

    OMG I own the game in that picture. It's a matching game with faces of children from around the world! So I'm not the only one who plays haha, I always knew I had the soul of an 80yr old.

  2. StarRez Kotchachev

    Housing is a phenomena which is intimately tied to economics. Think of Aristotle,
    Who sorta tied econ with household management. As such, t’s crazy, then, that in a time of economic trouble and stuff that peeple have time to do the housing! It’s only because CU students are the bourgeoisie and they may hesitate to admit this. But housing.

    But anyway, it can certainly be a hairy process--- jzt ask any FURnald resident. There is so much at stake With regards to guards and stuff. SO You gotta pick WISE. This is where you can score with what you learned in the core. Let’s take a CORE CURRICULUM approach to housing:

    McBain = Aeneid to Carman’s Iliad. It’s like not the same, but sorta similar. If you
    like one you like the other, even if it aint necessarily better. It’s also action-packed too. The former is maybe not as Ill as CARMAN Though. YOU WILL MANAGE, though. LIFE, however, could be nasty and brutish if You get the Mcbain shaft.

    Anyway we know that FOR EXAMPLE, there’s also BROADWAY
    And this is something we can compare to maybe EURIPIDES—good but nothing necessarily memorable like Sophocles.If you are CALM and COOL you can pick it. SO YEAH It’s ideal for fridge-like no-nonsense people. It's got no personality, and rooms are small, and that might fit your needs and ambitions.

    But yes, more important, there is more housing. HARMONY could be seen as a hidden gem that Is more like a quartz or something unspecial. It’s possibly both underrated and undeterred at the same time. But if you want a social life maybe it’s not IDEAL. CUZ It's SO FAR. Too bad Columbia doesnt offer any GEOGRAPHY major (that i know of) so we can find it.

    SO yeah East CAMPUS is where you need to pick if u want to live
    In a microcosm of the universe. Stars are there, as are non-stars. bASICALLY EVERYTHING! There’s clusters aka townhouses. You can be
    The next supernova to join.

    BUT YEAH . IM tryne to break an all time thumbs down record. Thax. =)


    So ready to stuff my face and backpack with Candy. I have no idea where to get cowtails outside of the housing appointments. Get candy or die trying homie.

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