They’re All Dead White Men, Anyways

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Earlier today, the Columbia College Fund sent out an email to young alumni, hat in hand. Opening with a stirring description about we lucky students who are “experiencing life at Columbia College,” the email made a huge mistake. In a zealous sentence devoted to the Core, the Alumni Center gushed about “comparing the Republic to the Leviathan in Lit Hum.” Oops.


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  1. that's ok  

    if alumni are anything like most current students, it's not like they read either of those books, or cared at all about their core classes, anyway.

  2. um  

    that is not true. some of us read both of those (and all of) the books and did care about them.

  3. but  

    what a great picture on the top of the email

  4. Anonymous  

    That's what happens when you are zealous about anything. That's what the Core should really teach you.

  5. Anonymous

    The Annual Hobo Heater Night on Low Steps, when people get tired of waiting for Housing to turn on the dorm heating sometime in February.

  6. GSAS student  

    I haven't read The Republic or The Leviathan. What's wrong with comparing them?

  7. Anonymous

    so what's the problem hear??? those were two of my favorite books freshman year

    • Uhh  

      you read them in CC, so it’s…

      a) unlikely you’ll compare them in lit hum
      b) unlikely you’ll compare them freshman year
      c) oh, and let’s be real, unlikely you’ll compare them directly ever

  8. Anonymous  

    you read them in CC, so it's...

    a) unlikely you'll compare them in lit hum
    b) unlikely you'll compare them freshman year
    c) oh, and let's be real, unlikely you'll compare them directly ever

  9. love the title

    they really are all dead white men tho.

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