1. Anonymous

    i dont get it

  2. Anonymous

    is this supposed to pump me up? bc i feel even more let down now...

  3. what.  

    This may have been the worst thing I have ever seen.

  4. Anonymous  

    I'm confused. How has bacchanal or the "excitement" concerning it, been built on?

  5. My guess is...  

    this is instructing how crossfaded and tripped on acid I should be in order to enjoy Baccha90s. Advice taken!

  6. cc'12  

    why are they sullying awesome things like all that, and specifically repairmanmanmanman with this bullshit? we're not psyched, guys.

  7. Uh wow  

    That's just terrible. Bacchanal should be ashamed. The bands don't even sound that bad, until the idiots at Bacchanal slow it down for no reason. And what's with All That? Are they trying to remind us how they teased us with 90s nostalgia? Fuck Bacchanal.

  8. ...  

    i'm just hoping i can find a barnard girl nice enough to give me a spare ticket to their radiohead show.

  9. .....  

    wave of disappointment*

  10. Public Service Announcement  

    I am hosting a counter bacchanal with musical guest nick carter. Awesome I know right. You may be asking when and where this will be well its gonna happen in morning side park at 3am on the same day as Bacchanal. No ticket fees and you should wear all your nice stuff like watches and jewelry. Make sure to bring credit cards and money because we are going to be selling raffle tickets. This is gonna be one hell of a show so you better show!

  11. Who the fuck  

    Thought this was a good idea?

  12. I'm glad it's not comic sans but


  13. Anonymous  

    This all looks like a Big Gigantic waste of resources.
    It's not a global crisis like rampant curren$y inflation.
    I'm sure that after this year's Wavve of emotions,
    we can sit down and calmly work this out like human beings.

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