Barnard Castle

Barnard Castle

As Obama drama earns Barnard and Columbia coverage from the “real media” (or at least other blogs), residents of the small town of Barnard Castle (yes, complete with castle) grapple with more pastoral problems, like an unidentified humming sound. (Gothamist, Darlington & Stockton Times)

Rush Limbaugh issues an apology to the Georgetown Law student he viciously insulted on the air. So we’re all good, right guys? (Reuters)

Giant “tree lobsters” believed to be extinct live on in an unlikely location. (NPR)

As airlines turn to Facebook to generate compatible seating arrangements, a guide to making yourself unappealing enough to enjoy some extra legroom. (NY Times)

The captain of the Italian cruise ship that ran aground was apparently forced to eyeball his course after forgetting his glasses. (Daily News)

Old world Hewitt via Wikimedia Commons.