A delicious battlefield

A pizza price war has pushed the cost of a slice along Avenue of the Americas in Midtown down to seventy-five cents. Who’s responsible for this madness? (NYT)

Philosopher Helen Nissenbaum of NYU is helping to reshape privacy policy so it fits in with our comfortable norms, but others claim that the paradigm is already shifting. (The Atlantic)

According to some people, you’re only a real New Yorker if you’re unfazed by a cab hitting a cyclist. Gothamist begs to differ. (Thought Catalog, Gothamist)

California state colleges think asking students to list their sexual orientation when they apply would help the institutions better serve the LGBT community. Others point out that a checkmark on a college application may not be the best way to come out to mom and dad. (LA TImes)

Breakfast via Wikimedia Commons