Delicious breakfast food or subversive weapon?

Obama has tapped Jim Yong Kim, the president (and sometimes rapper) of Dartmouth, for the top spot at World Bank. For Jeffrey Sachs, then, spring is a time of broken dreams. (Business Week)

Graduation is looming and for around two-thirds of seniors, this means starting to think about debt. (The Atlantic)

Warm weather can make people restless. Maybe that’s why Occupy Wall Street protesters have taken to taunting cops with donuts? (NYMag)

It’s a time of renewal, and of new quarterbacks. Tim Tebow’s move to the Jets has sparked both joy and outrage, but he may just be getting back to his roots. (NYT)

Tomorrow is the start of a new season of Mad Men and some people are really excited. (The New Yorker, New York Post, Wall Street Journal, NYT, Time)

Sugar High via Wikimedia Commons