Oh Iorek, it sure is beautiful

If only we could see the sky in New York City…

He may not be speaking at Columbia, but a video has surfaced of Barack Obama giving a speech at Harvard in 1990.  Cute khakis! (BuzzFeed)

Don’t worry guys, Noel Gallagher was so moved by Obama’s speeches he’s decided to run for president if Obama loses.  Now how’s that for Baccha90s? (CNN)

Seems like not everybody’s proud of their hard work.  A J-School grad wasn’t too happy with coverage on her latest achievement. (Gawker)

You think getting a job post-college is scary?  You think Columbia and Barnard have a rough sibling rivalry?  Try being post-Colts Peyton Manning. (SF Gate)

Look out!  A massive solar storm is heading our way, threatening to mess with technology and create northern lights further south. (Time)

His Dark Materials book 1 via Wikimedia Commons