Even the flowers are coming out!

Bwog wants you to soak in the warm weather, appreciate the fact you don’t live in a post-apocalyptic America, and enjoy the sun as long as possible before it’s July and you’re passing out every 10 minutes because it’s a million degrees.  With this in mind, take the rest of your day off and stay hydrated.

Low Steps Beach: The Drinking Game

Obtain a 40 and conceal it in a brown paper bag.  No one will know what’s inside, promise.  Once this step is complete, follow the rules below:

Take a Sip When…

  • A dude takes off his shirt
  • Someone smoking a cigarette complains about the people sitting outside
  • You spot a CC or LitHum text being read
  • Somebody is eating Ferris pasta
  • A boy tries to play sports and fails (i.e. misses the frisbee, chucks the football badly, etc.)
  • You are handed a flyer
  • A group of freshmen sits down with John Jay froyo
  • A child slides down the ramps
  • Someone goes through College Walk on a bike/skateboard/rollerblades/scooter
  • A freshman realizes he/she is missing a class, jumps up, and starts running
  • You overhear a thinly veiled references to drugs and/or alcohol
  • A person dodges a pigeon
Take Two Sips When…
  • A group of girls sits down with Pinkberry
  • Someone is eating non-pasta Ferris food
  • Someone who should not be wearing a crop top is wearing a crop top
  • An Occupier starts playing an instrument
  • Someone practices a circus talent (juggling, balloon animals, tight-rope walking, etc.)
  • You spot a CC or LitHum text not being read
  • You overhear someone deciding to skip class
Finish Your Drink If…
  • You make eye-contact with someone else who is drinking
  • PrezBo walks by