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Poopin’ In Pupin

Just as important as ascertaining the best water fountains is deciding where to go a few hours later. What kind of bathroom experience do you want to have today: isolated? artistic? mysterious? terrifying? To solve this mystery, our very own brave Bwog Bathroom Inspectors ventured from the bowels of Schermerhorn to the highest heights of Butler in search for the best place to poop. Here to help with all your toilette-related needs is our guide to some of Columbia’s most stand-out WCs. 

Most Poop-Friendly: Dodge, 7th floor

For the ultimate luxury in privacy, head to Dodge 7 to get the most secluded, angst-free pooping experience possible. This little treasure boasts locks on both the bathroom door and the individual stall, making for double layers of protection. Poop with the stall door open to feel like a badass.


Most Artistically Expressive: Pupin, 5th floor

The vaguely Southwestern/Native American flare in wall decorations brings a spark of whimsy to the otherwise cold laboratories of Pupin. Mirror selfies are much more artistic when there’s an abstract sculpture above your head. You can also look at images of chiefs slaying bears above your head if you’re in the farthest stall!


Best Bathroom To Hold A Meeting In: Schermerhorn, 3rd floor

Just your average bathroom—with conference room attached. Couldn’t get space for your group in Lerner? Fear not, the slightly worn couch and weird butterfly chair of the basement bathroom can accommodate any gathering!



Best Place To Up Your Nip Slip Tally: Dodge Locker Room

The garishly blue corridors of this sauna have borne witness to some of the most awkward towel slips ever. If you’ve ever had the desire to run into someone you vaguely know (but not that well) naked, your first stop should be here.


Most Opinionated: Dodge, 4th floor

This bathroom wants you to know that it’s DIFFERENT! It doesn’t play by the boring ol’ rules like using the letter “r”, and does quirky yet cute things to show its inner feelings to the world. One thing you can count on is that the people who frequent this bathroom are cool, because they spend their time creating elephant graffiti.


Best Bathroom That Doesn’t Actually Exist: Schermerhorn Extension

Much like the unicorn in its illusory nature, the myth of the Schermerhorn Extension bathrooms has defeated many frantic students with seconds to spare before their seminar. Returning students report rumors of hours of dizzy circling, despairing of ever reaching relief before finding themselves somewhere in Manhattanville.


Best Bathroom In Which To Live Self-Sufficiently: Butler, 9th floor

If washing your hands is something you also want to do in private, Butler 9 is the place for you. Here, all activities remotely associated with pooping can be accomplished without prying eyes. If you don’t wash your hands, no one has to know.


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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous As a guy, I’m a huge fan of the lightly used Barnard building male bathrooms for my public poops.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous As a guy, I’m a huge fan of the comparatively pristine women’s bathrooms for my public poops.

      Pro-tip: sport an auxiliary pair of heels in your backpack to confuse nosy women who might peek at your shoes under the stall.

  • good to know says:

    @good to know but who is playing at bacchanal? if you are holding back so you can pull an april fools prank i promise it won’t be funny or worth it

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Girls don’t poop. True story.

  • Steele Sternberg says:

    @Steele Sternberg You are missing the marble palace located on the basement floor of Low. Now THAT is a bathroom.

    1. Steely Phil says:

      @Steely Phil is the greatest chinese checkers player, ever.

    2. so true says:

      @so true You feel like a Greek god shitting on the toilets of Olympus

  • Pooper scooper says:

    @Pooper scooper SIPA is the BEST place to poop. Sooo many stalls. So few people. Hands down the best.

  • BC12 says:

    @BC12 Diana LL2, hands down best pooping bathroom

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Wait, girls poop? WHAT!!?!?

      1. girl says:

        @girl i LOVE pooping


    @DODGE 7TH FLOOR FTW I LOVE that bathroom in Dodge. Best discovery of frosh year thanks to the music library next door.

    1. rra2116 says:

      @rra2116 Woohoo, Music Library!

  • The number of downvotes says:

    @The number of downvotes in this threads comments is too damn low!

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous forgot about the broadway bathrooms: hosting discrete and smelly poops from hogan and broadway residents since before I can remember

  • CC12 says:

    @CC12 Butler has a 9th floor???

    1. That Guy says:

      @That Guy It actually has 2 9th floors.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous There are some wonderful couches in the Kent 2nd floor bathroom

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Union/ Burke Library (if you can find it) has the BEST pooping options. a little bit put off that bwog didn’t bother to check them out…

  • You're worried you'll poop out says:

    @You're worried you'll poop out all the knowledge you put in
    But that’s not how it works, so just keep up your chin….

    doo doo doo doo…

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous is it weird that i plan on visiting all of these bathrooms just to “test the waters”?

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous pun intended.

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