Next year, Pig Latin!

Forward-looking correspondent Renée Kraiem reports on last night’s SGA meeting.

Last night’s Rep Council meeting began at 8:30 to accommodate the Second Annual Career Dinner, which was so successful that it seems we’re looking at a third one. And, in the spirit of the annual, the majority of the meeting was spent preparing for the next annus. The majority of that time was spent reviewing amendments to the Constitution, available for review here, and to vote upon during Program Filing on eBear.

Also available on eBear during Program Filing will be elections for next year’s Representative Council and Executive Board. Here are the details:

  • Candidates must declare their intent to run by March 30th.
  • Candidates’ Forum will be held on April 1st from 6 to 8 pm in the Diana Café.
  • Candidates will have a mandatory meeting on April 2nd at 10 pm in the Diana Café.
  • And finally, voting will occur from April 3rd until noon on Thursday, April 5th.

In the spirit of looking toward next year, Rep. for Diversity Stephanie Fernandez would like us to focus on the año nuevo; Hernandez presented her committee’s proposal for a resolution to mandate admissions materials at Barnard in Spanish to accommodate the growing Spanish speaking population in the country and of prospective students. There should not be, she insists, a bias, as this is just a starting point—next year, Pig Latin! Also presenting a resolution was Rep. for Community Policy Deborah Robertson, whose resolution to mandate clearer labeling in dining areas for students with dietary restrictions was approved by the Council.

Let’s take a hint, though, from Michael J. Fox and take a Back to the Future moment, since there’s a lot going on this year—this week, even.

  • Today marks the SGA sponsored First Generation College Student-Professor Discussion, from 6 to 8 pm tonight in the Ella Weed Room.
  • This Wednesday and Thursday welcomes a revival of the Greek Games, and you can find the schedule for them here.
  • Next week, Rep Council welcomes representatives from the Board of Trustees Chair Jolyne Caruso-FitzGerald, Vice Chair Diana Vagelos, and Trustee Binta Niambi Brown. Rep Council will begin at 7 pm next week, instead of 8, and will be discussing with their guests the upcoming capital campaign, planned physical changes on campus, and the evolution of interdisciplinary studies at the College.
Scholarly languages via Wikimedia Commons