While some of us are snapping out of that movie marathon malaise and contemplating on working on that paper due Monday, or something, a fraction of the student body taking Peter Awn’s Islam class had the pleasure of opening their inboxes to this e-mail:

I hope you all had a wonderful spring break. As I mentioned in the first or second lecture, one of the remaining pleasures left to individuals of my age is the infliction of pain on others. But even I can sense when I have entered the realm of excess . I am hence revising significantly the essay schedule in order to give you more time to complete your work and to have time to make the improvements suggested by your TA’s and me in our corrections of your first essays. Even though I am already feeling a certain remorse at dilluting the pain principle that I hold so dear, I will proceed anyway. Perhaps I have been rendered more humane and benevolent by the extraordinarily articulate and nuanced visions for the future of America being proclaimed by all of our leading politicians.

But, his conclusion is clear:

I hope that you find these changes helpful.  I would ask, however, that you not delude yourself into thinking that this apparent act of kindness indicates a fundamental change in my nature.