What you should see

And by cooties, we mean it’s been hacked and infected by malware. Bwog is staffed by hopelessly computer-illiterate History majors, so we turned to one of our backend tech gurus to explain why you should stay the fuck away from WikiCU until told otherwise.

It’s all about how dangerous malware could be. While most people will get a giant red screen in Chrome telling them that they’re about to get redirected to a malware site, many won’t see a warning like this. Who knows what this malware does, it could potentially be malware trying to infect other computers on the network. Suddenly people who didn’t visit the site are getting attacked from computers that did. What happens is a network effect where it spreads throughout campus infecting computers that are vulnerable. Unless you have every recent security patch, you’re at risk. It could be massively annoying for everyone involved.

Sound like the beginning of a bad zombie movie to anyone else?