Free Food: The Fruits of Democracy

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These are them!

The 212, a group of candidates for CCSC Executive Board, hopes that free food is the surest path to the hearts of the electorate. Bwog, ever unbiased, merely informs you that these prospective politicians will be giving out 300 homemade marshmallows along with chocolate and graham crackers in Butler Cafe this evening at 10:30 pm. Presumably they have not obtained library permission to build a camp fire.

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  1. Anonymous  

    212! I'm gonna vote this year, for once!

  2. Anonymous  

    hmmm Marshmallows! and holy shit, 212 is CRUSHING the debate.

  3. Truth

    If 212 doesn't win this election, all the good work that has happened on campus this past year will be for naught. VOTE 212!!!

  4. Anonymous  

    vote 212...because Will Hughes is foxy.

  5. But actually  

    these marshmallows are amazing!

  6. 212 is so legit  

    So much more impressive than Block Party, and not just because their VP Policy (also RA of the year!) can bake...they have my vote!

  7. 212  

    going the extra mile? way to actually back up that shit. i'm excited for them to win.

  8. damn,  

    212 better fucking win. if not, i will lose all faith in humanity.

  9. but block party  

    had a block party with ace of cake!! they can't lose

  10. are you FUCKING kidding me!  

    "Bwog, ever unbiased" my ass! I don't get involved with student government because for the most part they are a lame excuse for thousands and thousands of dollars spent on nothing substantial, yet this year I happen to be around a bit more of the campaigning. I happened to be on the steps when Block Party had their event and it sure was far better than just marshmallows. This event was not once announced by bwog other than as a point for criticism. (fair if you argue that the even wasn't announced to you--I will always have a soft spot for you)

    On a side note, the few people who think they run the school need to get off their fucking high horse and stop being so fucking exclusive! Student Council is for everyone and Block brings something different to the campus. This is not saying anything against 212 this is saying something against the culture of student government. I was buying into the whole idea on the issues of mental health on campus but this is the exact thing that causes depression and mental health issues.
    http://eye.columbiaspectator.com/?q=article/2011/12/01/how-were-doing, I was proud of this article. I was proud that students at Columbia understood there was a problem but now I know that it is all out of an act of selfishness. I know that there are rules that need to be followed and that in the end this is politics but I saw Sarah Ngu herself take a picture of a Block Party banner and I know that it must have been to put in a complaint. "SARAH, MIND YOUR OWN SHIT! You are not running and if you were so worried about rules then be a part of the elections board next year." I was a supporter of 212 and thankfully I haven't voted yet but after I saw this happen in Lerner my vote has to go to Block Party.

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