Columbia Is Funnier Than NYU

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Update, 4/7/12: Looks like all that voting was for naught, as Columbia comedians and comediennes Bob, Eli, Katy, and Orli lost to NYU’s team.

Or, at least Columbia’s stand-up comedy team thinks so. This week, they are competing in a virtual match-up against stand-up comedians from NYU. It’s North vs. South, Uptown vs. Downtown, Morningside Park vs. Washington Square, and the heat is on. More importantly, the impetus is on YOU to help them claim the National College Comedy Contest title. You can vote every 5 minutes, which as Columbia comedian Bob Vulfov points out, “works in favor of the brooding, indoor NYU students.” Why should you vote? Vulfov responds:

Well, right off the bat: our team boasts two incredibly funny female comedians, whereas NYU’s team boasts four incredibly heavy smokers. Also, the NYU comedians don’t shower because personal hygiene is too “early-2003.”

In any case, if you’re reading this, you’re already procrastinating. You might as well¬†click here, laugh a little, annoy everyone else in the Reference Room, and help Columbia claim some bragging rights while you’re at it.

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  1. Wannabe Comedian

    It's ridiculous to say the NYU people don't shower-- after all, they're in Washing-ton Square Park! [Drumroll, mom claps]

  2. homo honestos '14  

    Fact: NYU is funnier than CU. (i.e. Donald Glover, Derrick Comedy, everybody at UCB versus...Jenny Slate, who got fired?)

    Other fact: Bob and Eli surprisingly sucked-- by far the funniest of those eight was Matlow..the delivery of her opening line was insane.

  3. Anonymous  

    NYU all the way! I'm going there for grad school now!

  4. Jl

    Columbia - majority of folks are straight.
    NYU - Majority is gay/lesbo
    Barnard - Majority is lesbo/bi

    Columbia cannot be compared to NYU. Barnard and NYU can be compared.

  5. Anonymous  

    Katy Olson was hilar!

  6. Anonymous

    Wow, why are the NYU kids so nerdy? I was expecting so much more from them.

  7. Anonymous  

    Given that the only people who care about college comedy are people who do college comedy, I don't see why anybody cares

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